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JournalismusDreiNull.at is the website of the Journalism Research Center at the Institute of Journalism & Media Management at the FHWien of WKW, University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication. Here we present the Research Center itself and our research and teaching projects on public value, quality journalism and the future of media.

A central task for journalism is to get to the heart of facts and stories. Orientation points for quality journalism are numerous; the crux of the matter though is that nobody can tell exactly how society, economy and technology will change in future and which role media will take in this development. Our mission is to focus upon a future of media, which reflects traditional media benefiting trough new outlets as well as technological and economic possibilities.

The Research Center commits to the combination of three key elements: Teaching, Practice and Research.

Teaching: Excellent training of journalists is the prerequisite for a successful future of quality media. Through our extensive curriculum future media makers learn how to deal with challenges of a globally networked media acquiring the necessary know-how.

Practice: Following the need to be at the very cutting edge of any social, economic and technological change, the work of journalists has always been a dynamic one. Through systematic analysis and documentation of these developments journalists make societal trends more comprehensible and predictable.

Research: To promote quality journalism is it necessary to agree on the definition of quality. Our research makes a valuable contribution, as we are analyzing the media from an objective perspective, raising the debate about media quality to a higher level.